Daily Archive 2018-02-08

FOREST RIVER  ( 18V081000 )

FOREST RIVER ( 18V081000 )

Dated: JAN 30, 2018 Forest River, Inc. (Forest River) is recalling certain 2018 Cardinal recreational trailers, models CAF3045RLLE, CAF304SR, CAF322DS and CAF392RD. These vehicles were manufactured without an emergency …

JAYCO  ( 18V078000 )

JAYCO ( 18V078000 )

Dated: JAN 30, 2018 Jayco, Inc. (Jayco) is recalling certain 2017 Precept motorhomes. The brake Hydraulic Electronic Control Units (HECU) on these vehicles may be missing valve block ball plugs, potentially causing a br…

ECLIPSE  ( 18V079000 )

ECLIPSE ( 18V079000 )

Dated: JAN 30, 2018 Eclipse Recreational Vehicles, Inc. (Eclipse) is recalling certain 2019 Attitude recreational trailers. These vehicles were equipped with tires that have the incorrect load range.