2018.0553 – undeclared nuts (brazil nuts) in fruit and nut bar from the United Kingdom

If you are affected by this issue, it is essential to study the Official Source!

Notified by United Kingdom on 02/03/2018

RASFF (European Union)

The EU has one of the highest food safety standards in the world – largely thanks to the solid set of EU legislation in place, which ensures that food is safe for consumers. A key tool to ensure the cross-border follow of information to swiftly react when risks to public health are detected in the food chain is "RASFF – the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed". Created in 1979, "RASFF" enables information to be shared efficiently between its members (EU-28 national food safety authorities, Commission, EFSA, ESA, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Switzerland) and provides a round-the-clock service to ensure that urgent notifications are sent, received and responded to collectively and efficiently. Thanks to RASFF, many food safety risks had been averted before they could have been harmful to European consumers. Vital information exchanged through RASFF can lead to products being recalled from the market. A robust system, which has matured over the years, RASFF continues to show its value to ensure food safety in the EU and beyond.